Advanced Art Direction Course

This Course is aimed at freelance Art Department Assistants and will be a continuation of the FDI Art Direction Course. It will demonstrate in more depth - when designing sets - the consideration given to:

  • lighting
  • colour
  • director's requirements
  • reading scripts and understanding the geography of the script.
  • It gives you the opportunity to design a set from the script

How you must co-operate and communicate with the:

  • producer
  • director
  • lighting cameraman
  • and how to discuss problems with the costume designer

You will also be taught how:

  • to coordinate an art department, including controlling the budget and the cost of craftsmen
  • the use of camera angles can save money.
  • if on location the understanding of what would be morning shot/afternoon shot.
  • the use of foreground miniatures, glass shots, and CGI.

The course will be interactive in small groups and with one-to-one tuition. You will be encouraged to ask questions covering all aspects of film-making. You will be supplied with appropriate notes and relevant job descriptions relating to the course.

In addition, all students will have the opportunity to go on a guided walk around some of the working sets, workshops and stages at Pinewood Studios- including the Underwater Stage and Paddock Tank- where Terry will explain points of interest for the Art Department.

The course also includes an excursion to various prop-houses with Oscar-winning Set Decorator, Peter Young. Here students are offered an in-depth tour of some of the industry’s biggest and finest prop stores where they will be introduced to knowledgeable staff and shown an array of props and dressing from high-end period furniture to military equipment and weaponry. This is an invaluable experience that is of immediate relevance to students’ careers and understanding of design for the Art Department.

3 Week Course

  • COST £2,200 + VAT UK & EU students
  • COST £4,400 International students

For students that have completed this FDI course a one week refresher course is available:

  • COST £737 + VAT UK & EU students
  • COST £1487 International students

* Limited bursaries are available for international students who would like to do the course but find the fees restricting, we can make an application on your behalf if you are accepted on to the course.

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In every persons career there are always key mentors and supporters along the way. For me, Terry is one of these people and FDI was the start of a career I love.

Andy Proctor

Draughtsman (Star Wars: Force Awakens, Rogue One, Cinderella)

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I would highly recommend the course to anyone with the determination and drive wishing to enter the incredible world of the Art Department.

Liam Morgan

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Terry has given me the tools and confidence to pursue art department work - I think taking his course was the best career decision I've made thus far.

Liliana Aslanidou

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Learning the traditions and discipline of hand draughting was a revelation, and placed me firmly on my current career path.

Dorrie Young

Senior Draughtsman (Harry Potter, Legend of Tarzan, Justice League)

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